Ash Bailey

Age: 22

Height: 6″ 1′

Bio: Mr. Perfect – this team member has it all. Bright ideas, muscular endurance and bags of strength to back it all. However, when it comes to organisation, his verbal communcation can be likened to that of Marcel Marceau – non existent. Apparently, that’s the result of spending so much time bickering with your housemate. Despite this, Ash is a motivator and understands how to get the most out of his teammates which will prove pivotal on the long stints.


Alex Smith

Age: 32

Height: 5″10′

Bio: Lightest guy and the lightest bike, we’re expecting big things. That’s not to mention his elderly, mature status – his dad strength should surely see him over the line! A humble, unassuming, engineering student who will most certainly be looking after the passports

Freddie Clayton

Age: 22

Height: 6″ 2′

Bio: A loving, outspoken individual who happens to know a little about bikes (much more than the rest). Brash and to the point, Fred could be our hero in the steepest of hours. A key member of the team who’s experience will prove invaluable.


Harry Haines

Age: 22

Height: 5″ 9′

Bio: A cheeky , indecisive chap. When he’s not sat on the bike, he’s probably sat on the fence. Body made out of glass will defintely experience some form of strain, break, fracture, rip or all four. With the ability to lighten anyone’s mood, the team will turn to Haines. He holds the keys to sustaining the team’s morale.


Harry Murphy

Age: 21

Height: 6″ 4′


Bio: Everything about this guy is big; from his personality to his bike and everything in between. However, one thing he is certainly lacking is his Strava mileage – but this is easily rectified. As a committed rugby player, he knows how to dig deep, we’re just hoping to see more of it. With the longest three legs, surely he’s got the longest distance in him.


Liam Cook

Age: 23

Height: 17″

Bio: Pending confirmation from Liam’s fiancé on whether he will be allowed to join the team for the event, Liam has seized every opportunity to get out on his ridiculously heavy bike. Whilst he will have to work harder to lug the ‘Tank’ up the inclines, he’ll almost certainly be clocking the fastest speeds on the descents. As a natural athlete, we’re certain Liam is up to the task; let’s just hope that he and Ash can play nice.


Mike Leigh

Age: 21

Height: 5″10′

Bio: ‘Dadmin’, the infamous project manager. If he isn’t touching his hair, well it is because his helmet is on. Has similar curtains to the one’s you may find in your nan’s front room. A definte all rounder and an essential member of the team. Making sure everyone has their factor 50 on and tires are pumped to UCI regulation. He will roughly use about 10 tubs of vaseline throughout the trip so chafe is avoided between his thick thighs. The route has been carefully devised so Mike can visit his favourite restaurant every couple of days…..Maccies!

Will Woodruff

Age: 20

Height: 5″8′

Bio: Short, stocky and full of surprises – as long as he’s got his packed lunch with him, he’s capable of anything. With the ability to fit in 13 gym sessions a week, will he be able to find the time to develop his endurance game?